Item Drop off:

Drop offs can occur for residents with the exception perishable food items such as homemade dinner, take-out, baked goods etc. Deliveries of Flowers and fruit baskets unfortunately can not be accepted at this time due to disinfection protocols.

The drop offs for the 2020 year will occur on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 1pm -4pm. Please call therapeutic recreation at 902-849-7300 Ext 258 for more details and to schedule your drop off appointment. As a reminder drop offs are not permitted during visiting appointments. The last drop off for the 2020 year will be December 18. Drop offs for the 2021 year will start on January 4, 2021 and will occur Monday and Wednesday between the hours of 1pm -4pm. Please call 902-849-7300 Ext 258 for more details and to schedule your drop off appointment.

Any items dropped off  will then be disinfected and left in a bag for 48 hours before delivery to the resident.

Please ensure upon arrival that you indicate the resident’s name and neighbourhood.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this most difficult time as the safety of our residents and staff  still remain in the forefront of all our efforts.

Indoor Visits

We are working to full capacity to reach an effective balance between resident visits and our available resources over the holiday season. We are asking for your patience and cooperation recognizing the sheer volume of visiting requests we are receiving since Dr. Strangs announcement on Dec 16.

As of Dec 16 on direction from Dr. Strang starting Dec 21 Seaview Manor will return to 2 designated caregivers consistent with previous guidelines.

30min indoor visits will restart from Dec 21 thru Dec 24 at 4pm.

Indoor visits will be suspended on Dec 25 & Dec 26 resuming on Dec 27th thru Dec 31st at 4pm.

Appointment blocks are limited between Dec 21st & Jan 3rd Please contact Ext 258 to request a booking time no later than Dec 21 at 3pm. Our administrative offices will be closed Dec 24 at noon until Dec 29th.


COVID-19 Update at Seaview Manor

Update – Dec 24, 2020

As we respond to the second wave of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia, we  would like to share some of the plans the Department of Health and Wellness are putting into action to help ensure the safety of Long Term Care residents across Nova Scotia.

The Province learned from the first wave that virus spread can be minimized by grouping nursing home residents who have COVID-19 away from residents who do not have COVID-19. This means that residents with active COVID-19 are cared for by a dedicated team in a specific area, with clear clinical and infection control guidelines, enhanced staffing, and all appropriate equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Based on these learnings and expert medical advice, The Province has established a regional model for COVID-19 care has been established for long-term care residents with active COVID-19.

Regional Care Units

Six Regional Care Units (RCUs) have been established across the province to reduce and manage the spread of COVID-19. Providers who operate large or multiple facilities may also choose to establish dedicated care units in one of their facilities for their residents. While Seaview Manor created an onsite COVID-19 unit for wave 1, limited staffing and medical coverage requires any COVID-19 positive residents now be transferred to a RCU.

The Regional Care Units will:

  • reduce the risk of infection spreading to other residents by transferring those who test positive for COVID-19 to a dedicated unit
  • have dedicated staff who work only in the unit, and nowhere else in that or another facility
  • have clinical support available from Nova Scotia Health specialized services with experience in caring for patients with COVID-19
  • have the necessary equipment and supplies, including PPE, to safely and effectively care for residents with COVID-19
  • ensure that no unauthorized personnel or residents enter the designated care areas

As soon as possible after a resident from our own facility is diagnosed with COVID-19, arrangements will be made for transfer to the nearest Regional Care Unit to receive care. This is located at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Residents will remain in this Regional Care Unit until they are no longer at risk of spreading the virus to others, which is usually about 10 days after symptoms started. They will then be transferred back to Seaview Manor. Should your loved one require transfer, we will work with you during the transfer process so that you know what is happening and who to contact at the Regional Care Unit for further updates.

We understand that these are uncertain times, and we want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to care for your loved one. The safety of our residents and our staff remains our most important priorities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Designated Caregiver

Update Dec 16, 2020 –  Designated Caregiver information sessions have ended for the
2020 year, new sessions will start January 2021,

We appreciate the impact of the role the designated caregiver provides in the lives of the residents of Seaview Manor. Designated caregivers will now be able to enter Seaview Manor to provide care and emotional support for their loved one. Please call 902-849-7300 Ext 258, Monday-Friday between 10am-3pm to arrange a date and time to inquire of the next available information session.

Non-Urgent Medical Appointments

We value the important role independent community access for medical appointments serves for residents. Please notify us by calling 902-849-7300 Ext. 226 48hrs in advance with the date and time of any Non-Urgent Medical appointment you arrange.

Resident Visits with Family in their Homes

Effective Monday November 23, 2020 Resident Home visits with their families will be no longer be available as per direction from the Chief Medical office of Health.

  • Use Cough/sneeze etiquette: into your elbow, not your hand.
  • When using a tissue, dispose of the tissue immediately in the garbage and wash hand with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub
  • Dispose of garbage on a regular basis and wash hands afterwards
  • Clean high-touch surfaces and objects often:
    • clean and disinfect items like doorknobs, light switches, railings, toilets and tabletops daily
    • disinfect phones, remote controls, computers and other handheld devices
  • If you feel unwell it’s best to stay home, avoid social gatherings, work, school and visiting loved ones who are in a Long-Term Care residence or Health-Care facility
  • Our suggested visiting hours are from 11:00am – 8:00pm if you require further information please contact our Bayview Communication Station at ext. 226

For more information click on the links below, thank you for helping to keep our residents and staff at Seaview Manor safe