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Resident Favourites

Headline Hunters – is a favourite with many, this activity gives our residents the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and stay connected to worldly events. This activity provides the residents of Seaview manor the opportunity for verbal discussion and questions in relation to relayed information and reminiscence of past events.

Horse Races – Hands down the horse races take the lead. This activity provides many of our residents the opportunity to engage in physical activity in a group setting, having a few laughs and promote some friendly competition to see who the front runner will be.

Standing Events

Silver Sneaker Program – Silver Sneakers is a program encouraging the residents of Seaview Manor to participate in physical activities. The program is designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement and improve activities for daily living. Partnered with a member of our Therapeutic Services team, residents travel the neighborhoods throughout Seaview Manor and we keep track of their distances traveled. The residents may walk hand-held or use a variety of mobility devices like a cane or walker.

There are a variety of walkers available to be used if the resident in question does not have a walker of their own or requires a more safe option (Steadymate). If you or your loved one would be interested in participating in our Silver Sneaker program please reach out to a member of our care team.

Food Club – Our Food Club provides an opportunity for residents, and those involved in the menu planning, to have conversations about our meal service and dietary experiences at Seaview Manor. Our Food Club meeting takes place four times a year, with the change of seasons come a change of menu. Residents are encouraged to attend and participate, sharing their suggestions and input about the meal service they receive.

Follow in your recreation Calendar for the next meeting.

Resident Council – Resident Council meetings take place the last Monday of every month at 2pm Oceanview

Family Council – Family Council is currently looking for members, if you are interested in participating please contact 902-849-7300 ext 242


Care Giver Support Group – Takes place the last Thursday of every month (Except December) from 1900h-2100h