Nutritional Resources

Nutrition Ideas

Quick and easy lunch ideas

Making a lunch can be easy and convenient; utilize your leftovers or checkout no-cook recopies. It won’t take long to notice the positive impact on your health (& your budget):


Chewing problems can interfere with health and nutritional status. Check out this link for some information on chewing and strategies to make a well balance meal easy to chew


We all know we need to stay hydrated, but sometimes its easier said than done. There are many ideas for staying hydrated – find the one that best suits your style. As we age, out sensation of thirst decreases… rather than asking “Would you like a drink of water?”, try “Here is a nice cold glass of water for you!”


Did you know that our taste alters as we age or if we take certain medications? Find out how to spice up your food without adding salt.


Dementia may affect one’s ability to eat and how much they eat. Here is some information and suggestions on how to encourage eating.

This video demonstrates a compassionate way to help a person to eat during the late stages of dementia – with Teepa Snow. Being attuned with a person during mealtime, may actually improve their intake.

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Clinical Programs

Clinical Programs

Wound Care

The prevention and management of pressure injuries is a priority for our interprofessional care team. To strengthen our wound care program recently added the support of a Wound Care Specialist. Seaview Manor is determined to provide the highest level of care and support to our residents in skin and wound issues.

Falls Prevention & Risk Management

Seaview Manor is committed to providing interprofessional falls prevention and risk management based on the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness Preventing Fall Related Injuries. Each of our residents are assessed and risk is identified and managed on an ongoing basis. Seaview Manor provides Falls Prevention learning opportunities for our staff, our residents and their families to support enhanced quality of life while respecting individual choices.

Continence Care

Partnered with Tena, Seaview Manor provides a continence care program based on evidence-informed practices. At Seaview manor we ensure that each resident’s independence, comfort and dignity is maintained and respected.

Least Restraint

Seaview Manor is committed to providing a “least restraint”environment. We support that each of our residents have a right to make informed choices. Our policy is to focus on the resident and respond to the individual needs of our residents rather that control their behaviour.

Pain Management

Our experienced clinical care team works with each of our residents to create a personalized pain management program. Our highly qualified inter-disciplinary team conducts assessments and monitors results to improve the quality of life for our residents.

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Foundation – Vision



Seaview Manor Seniors Foundation is a successful, non-profit society, committed to effective capital and other fund raising activities which support the accumulation, investment and maintenance of funds to support the quality of care and quality of life for residents of Seaview Manor Corp.

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Foundation – Mission



Seaview Manor Seniors Foundation raises funds and develops strong and sustaining philanthropic relationships to support the highest level of long term care through the funding of vital equipment, education and the provision of items that impact resident comfort and care.

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